• icon如何訂購(How to order)

    1. 將喜愛的商品加入購物車。
    2. 點選購物車 →前往結帳。
    3. 登入→輸入帳號密碼。首次購物請點選第一次購物。
    4. 進入購物車後可以確認訂購明細,若有折價券也請於此步驟輸入使用。
    5. 選擇運送區域及付款方式。
    6. 確認金額及收件資料。首次訂購填寫的資訊日後即會自動升級會員。
    7. 確定訂購→進入信用卡交易頁面,請留意輸入的信用卡號、到期日以及卡片背後末3碼是否正確。
    8. 完成購物確認訂單編號產生後,GENQUO會寄發訂單成立通知信件至您的會員信箱。
    9. 提醒您,海外訂單無提供退換貨,下單時請確認訂購內容及商品明細。

    1. Once you've clicked on the product and you've got the item page open, just select the color/size if required and click 'add to cart'.
    2. Just click 'cart' in the right hand corner of the screen and click 'checkout'.
    3. You'll be asked to log into your account if you're an existing customer or create a new account if you're new to GENQUO.
    4. At the checkout section, you'll see an order summary of what you'll be receiving from GENQUO. If you have online coupons, you can enter your coupon code and apply it to your order.
    5. Select delivery area and payment method.
    6. Please check the amount of goods, shipping charges, and fulfill recipient information carefully. If you're new to GENQUO, this information will be your member profile after you successfully order.
    7. The final stage of the checkout is the payment section. Please carefully fulfill your credit card number.
    8. Once you've placed your order, you'll be taken to a confirmation page. You'll also receive a confirmation of order e-mail to your registered GENQUO e-mail address.
    9. Pre-order items are unable to deliver. Please confirm the order and product details when placing an order.